Productivity Solutions

Save Time & Resources with Productivity Solutions

There is more to OP Plus than just exceptional service. We save your business time and money in the procurement process with our productivity solutions.

Order Reviews

Our account representatives dig deep into savings. They will review your orders and offer substitutions that deliver great performance and quality at lower prices. Eager to save even more? We can put you on a contract-pricing plan with bulk discounts so you can save on the products you use most.

Program Savings Controls

Set up spending limits by departments, users, location, or cost center to control the amount of money you spend on products from specific brands. Our account representatives tailor the ordering system to your specific needs, so you have complete control throughout the procurement process to make sure you never overspend.

Business Reviews

Our savings build over time. Members of our OP Plus team will meet with you personally to discuss purchase habits and identify savings opportunities for you. We will recommend strategies to save you money too.

You can switch products, processes, brands, and more to optimize your resources. With your unique business goals and our business prowess combined, you will see a boost in your business savings.

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