Supplies for Healthcare Facilities

Supplies to Keep Healthcare Facilities Clean & Refreshed

From the front desk to the nurses’ station and the cleaning closet, stock up on the supplies your healthcare facility needs to stay sanitized, organized and optimized for comfort. We offer competitive prices and every item to fill supply cabinets, closets and offices across the nation. Our competitive and consistent pricing, easy online re-ordering systems and next day delivery options make it easy to order what you need quickly and efficiently. Best of all, our account representative will help you save even more by reviewing your order for further savings opportunities.

Order products for every facility, including:

  • Office equipment
  • Office chairs & furniture
  • Cafeteria items
  • Safety gloves and equipment
  • Toilet paper, tissue paper & paper towels
  • Disinfectants & cleaners
  • Hand sanitizer & antibacterial soap
  • Janitorial cleaning supplies

Healthcare facilities need clean, responsive and organized systems. Contact our OP Plus account representatives today to see how our productivity systems and products can help your facility stay clean and ready.

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