Our Approach

The OP Plus Difference

At OP Plus we are the Plus Side for your business. We provide every product and solution you need to keep costs low, productivity high and workplace efficiency solved.

On the plus side, you’ve got a direct source for the latest workplace products. We have everything for the office, from furniture, supplies and coffee that keep your team energized, comfortable and productive; to the cleaning products that keep your workplace fresh and sanitized.

On the plus side, we’ve simplified savings with smart solutions. Our online ordering website is tailored to fit your organization’s needs with pre-populated favorites lists, customized billing and flexible reporting, all designed to help you manage and control costs more efficiently.

On the plus side, our team delivers complete satisfaction. At OP Plus, you get personalized customer support from a dedicated team, keeping every process simple and enjoyable. Your account manager will get to know your business goals and help you achieve them. Your inside customer service representative will ensure all orders and returns go smoothly every time. And your driver will learn your preferences and know exactly where to deliver your products.

On the Plus Side, we’ve got you covered.