Build a better breakroom

Does your breakroom need a makeover?  If you answered YES, we can help!  We have the right brands and the right products to outfit breakrooms of all sizes.

If updated furniture is what you need, check out our Bistro style tables and chairs.  They will definitely give you the edgy look your breakroom deserves.  Contact us and let us help you transform the look and feel of your breakroom.


Is it time for a new coffee maker?  Yep, we’ve got that too!  Choose from several different brands and styles.  Check out our single cup makers for small offices or to avoid wasting a full afternoon pot of coffee.  Our Keurig single cup makers are a hit in our office and we’re sure it will be in yours as well.  For larger offices, take a look at our Bunn coffee makers.  It’s the right option for offices that consume several pots of coffee a day and more economical than a single cup system.


You need coffee and coffee accessories for that new coffee maker and that’s just what we have!  Those who are particular about their coffee can choose from a variety of K-cup coffee blends.  The traditional Folgers and Maxwell House coffee can be found online as well in several different packaging options to suit the needs of any size office.  Don’t forget the creamer and sugar to put in your coffee.  That can be delivered when the coffee arrives!


No breakroom is complete without the proper snacks.  Choose from Chex Mix, Kellogg’s, Nabisco, Office Snax and more!  The variety packs are always a good option for the office.  Crackers, chips and candy can keep your staff at the office for snack breaks, maximizing time for productivity.


Stop sending someone to the store for your soft drinks and water.  They can be delivered next day along with your supply order!  Choose from Coca Cola, Pepsi, Lipton, Gatorade and more.  A stocked breakroom is a sure fire way to keep your employee morale up and prepared for customer visits at a moments notice.


Contact us today and let us help you outfit your breakroom!

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