Corporate Office Design Trends: Hot Tips for Design & Space Planning

New Space Design & Office Furniture Trends for 2020

With the New Year approaching, you should expect new trends to take hold in corporate offices around the country. Business owners are always looking for ways to make workers more comfortable and more efficient. As technology advances, new ways to boost employee productivity arise. 

From new office furniture to brand new layouts, there are several trends you should keep an eye on. Keep reading to learn about the corporate office trends that will be prominent in 2020.

Office Technology Continues to Evolve

New Tech Will Revolutionize the Corporate Office

Technology is evolving rapidly, and the corporate office is evolving alongside it. Therefore, you can expect offices to incorporate more tech over the next couple years. Since most office workers use laptops and smartphones, more offices will be built to support wireless chargers. 

As companies push to go green, energy-saving solutions will rise in popularity. For example, smart lighting systems and smart thermostats will be used more prominently. Expect other energy-saving solutions to become more popular too. 

Artificial intelligence is also expected to be a big deal next year. Designers will be looking for ways to use AI to enhance the work experience and create helpful productivity solutions. Programs can book appointments for us and record information that we will need later on, and soon they will do a lot more.

Expect More Biophilic Offices

Plants Will Be Incorporated in More Offices

The biophilia hypothesis states that humans have an innate desire to connect with nature. People have found themselves being much happier when they are surrounded by flowers and feel more motivated in the process. As a result, you can expect to see more biophilic office spaces in the coming years.

Office workers will plant more flowers and vertical gardens will become more prominent as well. Office planners will also opt to buy new office furniture that is built from natural materials. That way, they can make more sustainable offices. This will make office workers a lot happier within their work environments.

More Spots for Leisure

More Leisure Spaces Will Be Added to Offices

In 2020, you can expect more corporate offices to have leisure spaces for employees. From cafes to gyms, there will be more spaces that employees can use to take the edge off. Companies with money to spend are expected to add some luxurious amenities, like theaters and rock climbing walls.

Some may see these leisure spaces as detrimental to productivity levels. This could not be further from the truth; they are being added to bolster productivity. If employees are not given a chance to unwind, they could suffer from burnout. This can hinder the quality of their work, which benefits no one.

These spaces will also be effective at attracting younger people to work for specific companies.

The Office Will Feel Like Home

Less Formal Office Furniture in New Offices

An interesting trend to pay attention to is the push to make the office feel more residential. Workers spend a lot of time in the office, and they can get a bit bored of working in a standard office environment every day.

To combat this problem, designers are pushing to design offices in a way that makes workers feel at home, in a literal sense. The hope is that this will make workers more comfortable, and that it will lead to improved productivity.

For businesses following this trend, you can expect less formal office furniture to be a big focus. Things like couches, coffee tables, and home décor will be used in offices, as well as breakrooms. Out of all the big trends for next year, this is one of the most intriguing.

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