The Hattiesburg Area Development Partnership: Why You Should Join

About the Area Development Partnership (ADP) 

The Area Development Partnership (ADP) is a private organization dedicated to improving the lives of citizens living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Specializing in economic development, this organization is made up of local businesses from across the region. By joining this group, you can improve the local economy and help your own business grow. 

Continue reading and learn what it means to be a member of this organization. 

Getting Involved, & Growing Your Business 


The goal of the Area Development Partnership is to improve the local economy. The organization does this by investing in programs that strengthen local businesses. The ADP offers the resources multi-national companies, small businesses, and individual workers need to find success. 

Working with the ADP lets you give back to your community, and ensures that your local partners grow with you. Supporting local businesses is the key to building and maintaining a strong economy.  

By uniting businesses and individuals from across the region, this organization ensures economic success for everyone. 

Getting Exposure Through Community Involvement 

By joining the ADP’s Chamber of Commerce, your business can get exposure through community events. For one, complementary ribbon cuttings are held to help new businesses gain recognition in the community. New members also gain exposure by getting a listing in the organization’s Annual Membership Directory. 

Members can also take part in local events and find new networking opportunities. Also, the ADP may refer your business to people who are inquiring about certain projects. Joining the organization gives you the chance to get the word out about your business. 

Staying Up-to-Date 

Being a member of this organization allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the Greater Hattiesburg area. After joining, you will gain access to The Navigator, the ADP’s quarterly newsletter. 

You will also get weekly email updates, giving you another way to keep up with new developments in the region. Retirement information is also available, and will help you develop a stable plan for the future. 

Being able to keep up with developments in the region will help you find new customers and partners. This gives you the chance to develop a steady course of action for your business. 

What the ADP Means to OP Plus 

OP Plus benefits in several areas as a member of the ADP. Currently, we benefit the most from the networking opportunities the organization offers. When new members join, we are able to reach out to them and introduce ourselves. This lets us offer partnerships to new companies that are in need of furniture or supplies. 

We can also sign on to the ADP website to promote deals for our products each month. Having access to The Navigator newsletter is also beneficial. It allows us to adjust our plans based on recent developments in Hattiesburg. We can also post our own networking events that other local businesses can participate in. 

Joining the ADP is an excellent way to develop your business, regardless of its size. 

Visit The Hattiesburg Area Development Partnership Website today if you would like to join the organization. 

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