Using Barriers, Dividers, & Panels for Workplace Social Distancing

Protect Returning Workers With Barriers

As stay at home orders are lifted in certain regions, people are finding themselves back at work. Whether employees are working in offices or retail stores, they need proper protection in order to maintain social distancing. To protect your staff, you should employ barriers and dividers around the workplace to minimize physical contact between workers and other people.

Take a look at some of the barriers and dividers OP Plus is providing to help employees who are returning to work. We have options for a wide range of industries.

Deflecto Mounting Safety Barrier

Mounted Safety Barrier for Workplaces
Source: Deflecto

For people working at retail stores and grocery stores, the Deflecto Mounting Safety Barrier is an ideal option. These barriers are quite durable, making them ideal for any type of frontline worker. Some of these barriers provide reach-through openings right in the center, making them effective for cashiers.

Regular barriers with no openings are also available and these are suitable for office environments. Different barrier models can also be combined to suit an employee’s specific needs. All the barriers will easily mount to any cash register, desk, or countertop, so setting them up will be a breeze.

For more information on the different variations that are available, click here.

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Deflecto Hanging Safety Divider

Clear, Suspended Space Divider for Employees
Source: Deflecto

Pharmacy workers will benefit from using the Deflecto Hanging Safety Divider. This clear barrier hangs down from the ceiling, and physically separates employees from any customers they’re speaking with. These dividers are lightweight in design as well, which makes installation a breeze.

The dividers are designed with acrylic and polycarbonate materials, and both provide durability and longevity. To learn more about the variations that are currently available, check here.

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Deflecto Countertop Safety Barrier

Freestanding, Clear Countertop Safety Barrier
Source: Deflecto

Countertop Safety Barriers are extremely versatile, and can protect employees in a wide range of situations. These freestanding barriers can be installed onto any table or countertop in the workplace. This provides office workers with the opportunity speak with their coworkers directly, without the fear of contracting any viruses.

Variations with pass-through windows are also available and are ideal for bank tellers and reception desk workers. To get the product codes for each of the models we have available, you can check here. Custom designs are also available upon request.

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Quartet Workstation Privacy Screen

Woman Demonstrating the Quartet Workstation Privacy Screen

For offices that use cubicles, the Quartet Workstation Privacy Screen is one of the best options we offer. This screen slides across the opening for a cubicle workstation, creating a clear barrier between workers. In turn, this keeps office workers safe as they work on their daily assignments.

It also helps to drown outside noise, which helps to create a distraction-free working environment. Thanks to the translucent screen, workers can still converse with others when needed, all while keeping at a nice distance from one another.

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HON Versé Office Panels

48 width by 42 height HON Office Panel

Panel systems are effective tools for social distancing, as they can be used to divide up existing spaces without much work. HON carries a wide range of office panels, and they are available in a wide range of sizes and heights. From 48w x 42h to 60w x 60h, there are several variations available.

You can use these panels to create separate working areas within a single room of your office. This will properly separate employees, keeping them at a safe distance from one another. These panels are also designed to absorb noise, so employees won’t have to deal distractions during workhours.

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