OP Plus: Serving as a Single Source Vendor for Mississippi Businesses

One Source Vendor for Jackson County, MS Businesses

OP Plus works with several local partners that operate in Jackson County and Madison County, MS. Some of our partners are so pleased with our output that they believe OP Plus is the only vendor they need to work with. This is because our selection of business services allows us to be much more than a simple supply vendor.

Take some time to learn about our business model, and see why people view OP Plus as a single-source vendor.

OP Plus’s Extensive Catalog: Office Furniture & More

Sharpies, Post-Its and Painter's Tape

One reason why OP Plus is viewed as a single-source vendor is our extensive product catalog. OP Plus offers products that several different businesses can use, including office supplies and new office furniture. We also sell cleaning products that workers can use to keep their workspaces in pristine condition.

Other items, such as medical supplies and industrial equipment, are also available for those respective industries. Our customized billing process ensures that you save money on any items you need to buy. It does not matter what type of business you run, because OP Plus can get you exactly what you need.

A Tailor-Made Ordering System


Our custom, simplified ordering process has been designed to keep our customers happy. When you shop from us, you get all the products you need in one invoice, removing the need to make several orders. This, combined with our next-day delivery options for local businesses, lets us deliver products to you much faster.

All our customers get a personalized favorites list as well. With it, you can mark items you order often. This way, you do not have to scroll through our catalog to find them each time you need to restock. Our dedicated customer service representatives always on standby too, so you can get help at any time of the day.

Offering Productivity & Business Solutions


Customers enjoy working with OP Plus because we offer more than business supplies. Our business services allow us to help clients in other areas.

We know some businesses do not have a lot of space for storage, so we allow our partners to store their items with us. With our software, you can keep track of your inventory at any time, and you can withdraw items whenever you need to. You can also use our moving and installation services to get help when you need to move your business. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on other matters.

Our productivity solutions can help you identify and correct major issues that are costing your business time and money. You can use our savings control program to set limits so you do not overspend. You can also use order reviews to substitute products for cheaper ones during critical financial periods.

Connecting With Our Customers & Partners


Our dedication to satisfying our customers is the biggest reason why we are seen as a single-source vendor. As a member of the Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce, we strive to help local business partners. We get to know our customers on a personal level so we can help them achieve economic growth.

When you work with OP Plus you are assigned an account manager who will get an understanding of your goals and aspirations. This allows us to get a better understanding of your financial situation, giving us the chance to offer you fair prices on products you need to buy. You also get to work with a personal customer service representative who will make sure all orders and returns go as smoothly as possible.

By offering these personalized services, we can help local businesses become much more productive.

If you run a business in Mississippi, feel free to reach out to us to learn more.

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