Working From Home? Grab These Essential Office Supplies Today

Helpful Office Products for Working at Home 

Working from home is becoming an essential policy for many businesses right now. As a result of the recent coronavirus pandemic, countless office workers have been asked to work outside the office. It’s not an easy transition to make, since the standard household is full of distractions. 

However, you can build an effective home office, so long as you have the right tools. Try to pick up these office supplies if you want to stay efficient while you’re at home. 

Creating an Ergonomic Workspace 

To set up your home office, you’ll need the proper furniture. An ergonomic office chair, along with an adjustable footrest, can help you stay comfortable while you sit for prolonged periods of time. Using a regular chair from around the house will create a lot of unnecessary strain. 

A sit-stand converter is also recommended, as it will allow you to keep somewhat active while you’re stuck at home. If you aren’t getting the proper lighting, a desk lamp is recommended as well. Grab everything you need to create the ideal home office. 

Computer Supplies 

Since you’re working at home, you won’t have the luxury of all the handy computer tools provided by your office. You’ll need to pick up a few of these things in order to stay productive and comfortable as you type things up. 

A monitor riser will help you keep your eyes stay lined up with the screen, so you don’t strain your eyes. A comfortable keyboard and mouse pad combo will help to keep your hands from getting strained while you work, and a compact scanner will let you send documents to coworkers. We recommend that you get a dual monitor setup too, so you can keep extra productive. 

Grab these items to keep on top of your work. 

Organizational Supplies 

Organization is important when you’re working on assignments, so you’ll need some organization tools as well. A daily planner will help you keep track of your work, and sticky notes are great for creating personal reminders. 

To keep your desk supplies from cluttering up your space, a desk organizer is also recommended. We also have a monitor stand that also serves as a storage unit for supplies. Clutter leads to confusion, so make sure you’re keeping your supplies in order while you’re at home. 

Other Essential Devices 

Below we’ve listed a few additional items that will be beneficial while you’re working from home. If you need to have a virtual conference, our Conference Mate Wireless Speaker will help you do just that. To keep outside noise from distracting you, we recommend that you grab a pair of noise-cancelling headphones too. 

Your home office may get a bit stuffy too, so grabbing a tower fan to keep the air moving around is also a good idea. 

This is a tough period for everyone, and we’re looking to do what we can to help you. Please visit our online shop to see more of our available products

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