Get Up to Speed With Education & University Design Trends for 2020

Hot Classroom Design Trends for the New Year

Office spaces aren’t the only work environments that will be getting some updates in 2020. Big trends are developing in schools across the country, and they will make the learning process easier for students. From active learning classrooms to artificial intelligence, you can expect some big things in the New Year. 

Take a few minutes and learn about the hottest design trends for university classrooms in 2020. 

Active Learning Classrooms

Lecture Rooms With Grey Tables & A Projector

In 2020, there will be a big push for active classrooms in schools across the country.  

In most colleges, students attend classes in lecture halls with dozens of other classmates. Since there are so many people in one room, it can be hard for professors to provide ongoing feedback to individual students. According to Top Hat, most students have trouble transitioning to college because they are used to the more active learning methods used in high schools.  

With this new trend in place, there will be a focus on smaller, more flexible classrooms for college and university students. Lightweight furniture will be incorporated to allow professors and students to make quick adjustments when necessary. In addition, the latest advances in tech will allow students and teachers to forge better relationships in 2020. 

A Stronger Push for Collaboration

6 women working together in a conference room to complete a project

Following from the previous point, there will be a strong push to make classrooms and universities better for collaboration. All too often, university students work on their own, and only collaborate with other students when it’s absolutely necessary. In 2020, there will be a renewed focus on collaborative furniture in schools. 

Instead of having students sit on their own, bigger collaborative tables will be a big focus. Students can be grouped together based on their interests, allowing them to have an easier time connecting on the first day. In addition, swivel chairs will become prominent additions to classrooms, since students can use them to face classmates at other tables. 

By promoting collaboration in school, students will be better prepared to work with others after graduation. 

Flexible Seating

Man and a Woman Discussing Information, Sitting on Beanbag Chairs

Another trend that will be prominent in 2020 is the rise of flexible seating in classrooms. Over the past few years, there has been a push for less traditional forms of seating in classrooms across the country. Instead of using regular chairs, classrooms may use beanbag chairs, café-style seats, or even sit-stand desks. 

The idea is that these new forms of seating will offer students a comfortable and more relaxing environment to learn in. Offering options like this also helps make collaboration easier since the seats can be easily moved. Sit-stand desks also make students healthier and help reduce the risk of obesity.  

Flexible seating gives students more control of their environments, so expect more professors to take advantage of this trend in 2020. 

Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence

Over the past decade, people have discussed using artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for education. It can deliver feedback in a timely manner, and it can adapt to suit the needs of particular students. As programs learn more about the students, professors can adjust their teaching methods accordingly.  

Due to this, people are expecting AI to become a prominent tool in classrooms in the near future. Some aspects are still being worked on, but in 2020 professors will start using AI in universities across the country. According to The Journal, AI usage in classrooms is expected to increase by 47.5% over the next three years. 

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