Celebrating at Work: Must Have Supplies for Your Holiday Office Party

Prepare for Your Corporate Holiday Party

The holidays are right around the corner, which means your annual office holiday party should be coming up. Holiday parties are great for corporate offices, since they help employees unwind, and improve company morale. However, it does take a lot of work to prepare for them. In addition to a good menu, you need drinks, music, and other supplies.

You need to have everything well in advance so you can avoid any last-minute hiccups. Make sure you grab the items in this buyer’s guide to ensure that your holiday party goes off without a hitch.

Plates, Cups, Napkins, & More

Christmas table decorations, plate settings and champagne glasses

The first thing you should do is make sure you have enough plates for the guests that are attending. Nothing will ruin a party faster than finding out you do not have enough plates for everyone. Get a head count early on so you know how many supplies you need to buy. Stock up on a few extras as a precaution.

You should also take this time to stock up on plenty of napkins and cups for the party. Grab some coasters too, so guests do not leave stains on the furniture. Breakroom supplies like these are essential, so do not forget to stock them at least a few weeks before the party.

Drinks for Everyone

A row of martini glasses with a dark, slush drink

No holiday party would be complete without an extensive drink selection. Spend some time thinking about the types of drinks you would like to serve.

Cocktails are among the most popular drinks at holiday parties and there are lots of different cocktails to make, including martinis and piña coladas. Ask around the office to get an idea of what drinks your coworkers would like to have. To make the party really stand out, consider making your own signature cocktail.

Not everyone drinks alcohol, however, so it would be wise to offer some other options. Pick up some bottled water, soda, and juice so you have other drinks on offer. Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee as the weather cools down, so stock up on coffee supplies too.

Holiday Decorations

Christmas tree with decorations and balls

What would a holiday party be without lights strung up around the room? Be sure to pick up some festive decorations to put up around the party venue. For those who celebrate Christmas, you definitely need to pick up a tree that can serve as the centerpiece.

Buy some candles to set up around the tables and consider springing for scented variations to liven up the room. Dangling snowflake decorations can add a great winter vibe as well. While they are not necessarily decorations, holiday-themed snacks, like reindeer cookies, can also enhance the vibe of your party.

As long as you stay on budget, do not be afraid to go all out.


DJ in a jean jacket playing an outdoor party

To keep your party engaging you need good music that everyone can dance to. Take some time to create a playlist of songs you can play throughout the event. Make sure you pick enough songs to last through the entire party so you do not have to repeat them often. If you need recommendations, search online or ask coworkers about songs they would like.

If you are holding your party in a different venue, you may want to go with a band or a DJ instead. Before you select a performer, be sure you think about the type of music you would like to play. Do you want something more energetic? Or perhaps something quieter? Think about this ahead of time so you can set things up about a month in advance.

Be sure you have speakers so everyone can hear the music.

Photo Booth

A photo booth makes a great addition to any holiday party. Not only do photos make great keepsakes for employees, a photo booth can also make a great icebreaker for those who are a bit shy. Search around your local area to see if you can rent a booth for your upcoming party.

To make the mood more festive, be sure to buy some holiday-themed props to go along with the booth. Grab a tree, some ornaments, and other festive props that will liven things up. This ensures that your employees will go home with photos they can treasure for a long time.

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