MS Kidney Foundation


Mission:  The mission of the Mississippi Kidney Foundation, chartered in 1965, is to serve Mississippi kidney patients by providing quality programs and services, to provide public education and screening to promote the prevention of kidney disease, and to promote organ donation throughout the state.

To find out how you can support the MS Kidney Foundation, visit their website www.

Celebrating at Work: Must Have Supplies for Your Holiday Office Party

Prepare for Your Corporate Holiday Party The holidays are right around the corner, which means your annual office holiday party should be coming up. Holiday parties are great for corporate offices, since they help employees unwind, and improve company morale. However, it does take a lot of work to prepare for them. In addition to a good menu, you need drinks, music, and other supplies. You need to have everything well in advance so you…
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Corporate Office Design Trends: Hot Tips for Design & Space Planning

New Space Design & Office Furniture Trends for 2020 With the New Year approaching, you should expect new trends to take hold in corporate offices around the country. Business owners are always looking for ways to make workers more comfortable and more efficient. As technology advances, new ways to boost employee productivity arise.  From new office furniture to brand new layouts, there are several trends you should keep an eye on. Keep reading to learn about the corporate office trends that will be prominent in 2020.…
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Workplace Design Trends for 2020: See the Top Space Planning Trends

Biggest Trends for New Office Furniture & More 2019 will be wrapping up soon, which means now is an ideal time to refresh your workspace. Innovations in design are introduced each year, so you need to stay on top of them to keep up with the competition. Changing up your furniture is necessary if you want to keep your employees comfortable and satisfied. We have compiled some design trends that are expected to make a…
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Cleaning Up Your Office: Must Have Facility & Janitorial Supplies

Facility Cleaning Supplies You Should Pick Up Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, keeping your office clean is important if you want to maintain a good public image. This is because the appearance of your office reflects your brand. A dirty office gives a bad impression to clients that are visiting, which can make you look unprofessional.   Cleaning the office also gets rid of germs, which keeps employees from getting sick. To keep your office clean, you…
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The Hattiesburg Area Development Partnership: Why You Should Join

About the Area Development Partnership (ADP)  The Area Development Partnership (ADP) is a private organization dedicated to improving the lives of citizens living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Specializing in economic development, this organization is made up of local businesses from across the region. By joining this group, you can improve the local economy and help your own business grow.  Continue reading and learn what it means to be a member of this organization.  Getting Involved, & Growing Your Business  The goal…
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OP Plus: Serving as a Single Source Vendor for Mississippi Businesses

One Source Vendor for Jackson County, MS Businesses OP Plus works with several local partners that operate in Jackson County and Madison County, MS. Some of our partners are so pleased with our output that they believe OP Plus is the only vendor they need to work with. This is because our selection of business services allows us to be much more than a simple supply vendor. Take some time to learn about our business…
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The Ridgeland, MS Chamber of Commerce: What it Means to Be a Member

Importance of Joining the Chamber  Known for its financial achievements in the region, the Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to developing a strong economic environment for Ridgeland residents. With over 900 members, the Chamber pushes to create a strong economy by promoting a strong sense of community among local businesses. If you run a business in Ridgeland, you should consider joining the Chamber.   Continue reading to learn about what it means to be part of the Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce.  Being Part of a United Community  Since 1993,…
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Improving Workplace Efficiency: Create a Productive Office Solution

Developing a Productive Office  Employees are the backbone of any business. When workers are given a work environment that allows them to maximize their work output, businesses are able to succeed in competitive climates. This does not just apply to employees though; when employers are able to order supplies more efficiently, everyone benefits. If you feel that your workplace could be more efficient, use the following techniques to make small, but meaningful improvements.  Set Realistic,…
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Things You Should Consider When Buying a New Sit-Stand Solution

Shopping for Sit-Stand Desks & Workstations Sit-stand workstations are popular in modern workspaces, since they allow workers to either sit or stand during workhours. Standing at work can provide many health benefits, and as a result many workers want to switch over to sit-stand workstations. Before you buy one, there are several factors you should be aware of so you can purchase a model that complements your workstyle. If you are in the market for…
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Summer Vibes

I can’t believe that May is already halfway over! With the school year coming to an end one of my favorite times of the year is coming...Summer!! During these months my children and I love to beach hop and make as many memories as possible. With that in mind, I’ve included a flyer with few amazing items we love to use during the summer.  You can also shop for ways to show off your brand on…
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