OP Plus Gives Back: Ways You Can Help & Support Your Local Businesses

Supporting Local Businesses in Times of Hardship

With the spread of the coronavirus, most people are being pushed to stay in their homes. Non-essential businesses have been ordered to close, and smaller businesses are feeling the ensuing effects. While these businesses try to make money while their shops are closed up, essential workers are trying to provide services despite the risks at play. 

If you want to offer your support to your local businesses, there a few ways you can do so. Here are just a few things you can do to help the businesses in your neighborhood. 

Order Online When Possible

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While hundreds of non-essential businesses have had to close for the immediate future, it’s not impossible to buy things from them. Many of them have a presence online, and their products and services can be obtained through their websites. Placing orders online is a great way to send some financial support to a local business. 

If you’re not interested in buying any physical goods right now, another thing you can do is to purchase gift cards online. This still creates profits for the business, and you can save money on a future purchase when things settle down. Even if you can’t get to a store in-person, you should still try to buy some things online so local businesses can stay afloat. 

Donate Hand Sanitizers & Janitorial Supplies to Open Businesses

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Another way to support a local business is by donating supplies, such as spare bottles of hand sanitizer and personal protection equipment. Essential business workers put themselves at risk each day to ensure that you get key services in these unprecedented times. Offering supplies that they can use to keep themselves safe will help considerably. 

Look around online and see if any businesses near you are taking donations. If you manage to work something out, head over and drop some extra supplies off while minimizing physical contact. If you can’t get your hands on some supplies, a financial donation will be more than appreciated. 

If you want to support a local hospital, we offer several supplies for the healthcare industry

When You Can, Give Workers Generous Tips 

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You can also show your support by giving larger tips to any essential businesses you work with. Essential workers are continuing to provide services, despite the circumstances, which isn’t something we should be taking lightly. Not to mention, workers across several industries rely on tips to get by financially, making them more important than ever. 

Offering a generous tip for these people not only helps them get by financially, it also shows that you care for their well-being. To give an example, you could offer a tip when you place an order for delivery from a local restaurant. When the person arrives with your food, give them a little extra money with their tip, or let them keep the change. 

Try Online Classes & Gym Sessions

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With gyms being closed and public classes being cancelled, people have been looking for things to do with their spare time. Fortunately, online classes and yoga sessions are being hosted by businesses around the country. Try taking some paid online classes in your free time to offer your support. 

Not only will you be helping these people get money, you’ll also keep them motivated to work their best. You’ll also get something to do to pass the time while you’re stuck inside for the immediate future. Whether you want to learn how to draw or want to practice new yoga poses, this is the ideal time to give online classes a shot. 

How OP Plus is Giving Back to the Community

OP Plus is also doing its part to help local businesses who are struggling. As part of a recent promotion, we gave away gift cards from several restaurants in the local area, including Amerigo, Broad Street, Primos Café, and more. By getting ahold of these gift cards, we’ve been providing income for these businesses. 

That’s just one of the ways we’ve been offering our support. No matter how big or small your contribution is, any support you give to local businesses will make a difference. 

OP Plus has a collection of janitorial supplies you can use to keep your home or essential business clean and virus-free. Look and see what we have. 

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