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Furniture & Design Trends for Legal Professionals & More

Keeping up with the latest office design trends is crucial if you want to stay competitive. People working in law, finance, and real estate need to have a professional office that makes clients feel welcome. With the latest trends, lawyers and other business professionals are finding new ways to network with the community and satisfy clients. 

Take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the latest office trends in these industries. 

A Prominent Focus on Coworking Spaces

Several Business Professionals Working on Computers & Writing

Shared, coworking office spaces are expected to be more prominent next year, primarily in the legal industry. In these spaces, people from different companies and industries share a single space for work. For people working in law and finance, this presents an opportunity to find new clients to work with. 

Coworking spaces designed exclusively for lawyers are also becoming popular. This trend offers lawyers a way to build connections with other professionals in the industry. It also presents them with a way to start up a business without spending lots of money on their own spaces. 

More Flexible & Dynamic Offices

Five Office Employees Working in an Office With Computers

Flexibility is essential in any industry. Whether you work in law, real estate, or finance, people want to work in ways that make them feel comfortable. Offices within these industries will have a large focus on adjustability next year, and will be designed in ways that allow people to make quick changes when necessary. 

Lightweight furniture will be used so workers can make those easy adjustments. Some parts of the office will be designed to allow for natural lighting, and others can be designed around certain pieces of technology. Being able to make these quick changes allows workers to create workspaces that better suit the tasks they need to complete. 

Smart Offices Will Be The Norm

Computer Resting on a Stand, Allowing for Raised Visibility

For those working in legal and financial offices, technology is a crucial tool for completing assignments and maintaining client relationships. As technology continues to improve, you can expect more smart offices to appear in these industries. 

Smart furniture is on the rise and you can expect it to be used in many offices in the future. Almost everyone is working on laptops now, and now there are certain tables that have their own charging stations. This, in conjunction with new innovations in online conferencing, will improve productivity dramatically in the office. 

Assistive technology will also be a big focus as it will can help people connect with coworkers and clients who have disabilities. Color-coded keyboards, text-to-speech programs, and other helpful tools will get a lot of use next year. 

Prioritizing the Client Experience

Business Professional Sitting With a Client In a Lounge

For law, finance, and real estate, satisfying your clients should be your top priority. Most clients will need to speak with you in-person, and you need to provide them with great service. Providing an excellent experience for the people you work with is key to building strong relationships and attracting new clients.  

Over the course of the next year, there will a shift towards designing offices that offer a satisfying experience for the client. For example, offices with windows offer views of the surrounding area, making them more welcoming to visitors. Companies willing to invest some extra money may install pool tables or lounge areas as well. 

Additions like these will also make employees happier, which is why this is a big trend to pay attention to. 

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