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The Classroom of the Future Is Built With Inspiring Furniture

After several of the most challenging years anyone alive has ever experienced, the possibility of a new “normal” now feels within reach. Perhaps no industry has been uprooted by COVID-19 like education, with virtual or socially distanced classrooms being implemented on a dime with little to no runway.

There was no playbook for what educators and students faced during the pandemic, but brighter days are ahead. The upcoming school year is ripe with excitement, catalyzed by the comfort of the way things used to be.

Classrooms are a place for learning, but beyond that, they’re a place for inspiration.

And while the last few years have been difficult, they have been inspiring all the same. We’ve worked hard to develop innovative solutions for educators and administrators to provide an engaging learning environment for their students as we get set for the new school year.

Featured Products: Tangram™ and Skip™

Introducing a Bold New Look and Feel to the Classroom

It’s no surprise to say that things are simply…different.

No matter what “different” means, though, many core tenets of the classroom remain the same.

  • The classroom must be designed for meaningful interaction.
  • The classroom should be inviting, and it should pop.
  • The classroom should be a space for everyone to learn.

Virtual classrooms will likely remain in some form—but like work and the traditional office, so much has changed. The physical classroom now deserves our full attention. While safety remains a primary consideration, the question that must be answered is “how can we design or update the classroom with a fresh look that invigorates students?”

We have some ideas.

Featured Products: SmartLink®, Build™, and Flock®

Keep Students Engaged in the Classroom with Color

Classrooms with creative layouts and eye-catching furniture accomplish so many things.

They can help students relax and concentrate, and have been shown to reduce anxiety and stress. Seems like a significant benefit, right? The driving force is color.

Color is positive. Color is energetic. Color has an impact.

More research has been done over the years studying how color affects students, mainly how it pertains to their learning environment.

SmartLink® by HON is a creative solution that will instantly upgrade any classroom. The SmartLink student desks are uniquely shaped to allow teachers to get creative—and they’re customizable in a variety of bright colors and configurations, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

These aren’t just desks, either. The SmartLink collection also includes lightweight and mobile chairs, storage and presentation tools that are easy to arrange and rearrange, keeping students fully engaged.

With Build, we removed boundaries from learning—and offered furniture that’s designed for the on-the-move classroom. Build student desks are mobile and designed with unique top shapes that allow them to adapt to different needs or tasks during the day (plus, you can choose the right shape, size and finish to fit any space, aesthetic and budget).

Featured Products: Class-ifi, Build™, and Tangram™

Another fun option is Revel™, our line of height-adjustable stools that fit kindergarteners and big kids alike. Revel is available in three different color options and brings movement and mobility to support active learning.

These products support the “creative layouts” we mentioned above; because of the furniture’s mobile nature, teachers have the ability to configure (as an example) a small-group setting in the morning and then a lecture-style setup in the afternoon. Furniture for teachers can be found in these offerings, as well — there’s truly a space for everyone in the new classroom.

When planning for the coming school year and evaluating what students need to be successful, furniture that fits the aforementioned characteristics should be near the top of your list.

Ready to design a classroom for now—and the future? Visit to browse their offerings or call Office Products Plus at (601)-898-2600 for more information.

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