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Summer Trivia Begins Now!

We're going to celebrate Summer with 4 weeks of trivia in the month of July! All you have to do is post the correct answer to one of our social media pages, Facebook or Twitter, or email for a chance to win one of our prizes.  Check your inbox, our blog or Facebook each week for the trivia question. Trivia Question:  In what year was the 4th of July declared a national holiday? Answer…
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5 Bad Habits That Harm Productivity We are bombarded with information and competing priorities, from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. Technology has permanently turned up the volume and quantity of noise that permeates our lives. The current political climate has drastically impacted employee focus and productivity. Employees report spending 2 hours a day reading an average of 14-21 political posts online. This has required us to think more about how we…
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Sit-Stand Unit Give Away

Here's your chance to win a sit-stand unit! We're always searching for ways to promote new products, that are not only cool, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle.  By now I'm sure you've heard of the sit-stand movement.  Data shows that sitting all day long can be just as harmful to your health as smoking.  We want you to sit less and stand more and that's why we're giving away THREE sit-stand units in the…
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Get a Fresh Perspective on Janitorial Supplies

See your supply closet in a new light. OP Plus helps you keep every cabinet stocked with janitorial products and facility solutions for the entire workplace.  Our comprehensive catalog of cleaning products deliver a high-performance clean at prices that don't skip corners.  Plus, we help you get the products you need on one invoice, one order and one delivery to reduce your workload and help you get back to what matters. Keep bathroom floors and…
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Buying Guide: Time Management

Which Time Management Tools Are Right For You? When choosing planners, appointment books and calendars, there are several important factors to consider: Format: Do you plan by the minute, the hour, the week, or the month? Size: Will you use your planner at your desk or travel with it? Scheduling needs: Do you keep track of yourself or multiple people? Personal style: Want to reflect your favorite causes? Want something professional or something with flair? There…
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Buying Guide: Paper

Shopping for the Best Printer Paper Looking for the best paper to use at work? Let us guide you through your selection. Choose the Right Paper for Your Device For enhanced output, choose papers specifically formulated for your printer type: laser paper for laser printers, inkjet paper for inkjet printers, and copy paper for black/white copiers. You can also opt for multipurpose paper that works in any type of printing device. Keep in mind if…
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Don’t miss these furniture deals!

We've got a few great deals on HON and Fellowes for the month of February.  Shop the trusted HON VL581 High Back Task Chair for just $179.99 and the new Convergence Series starting at $168! If your New Year's Resolution included losing a few pounds, why not try out the new Fellowes Lotus Sit-Stand unit?  Statistics show that sitting all day can be just as harmful as smoking, so be the trend setter in your…
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