Buying Guide: Time Management

Which Time Management Tools Are Right For You?

When choosing planners, appointment books and calendars, there are several important factors to consider:

Format: Do you plan by the minute, the hour, the week, or the month?

Size: Will you use your planner at your desk or travel with it?

Scheduling needs: Do you keep track of yourself or multiple people?

Personal style: Want to reflect your favorite causes? Want something professional or something with flair?

There are several different types of planners and books available, so see which one feels right to you.

Appointment Books

Shows a day, week, or month at a time to help keep busy schedules in order.

Best for: Administrators, detail-oriented professionals, and those who schedule their own appointments

Group Appointment Books

Geared toward offices with multiple schedules to track, such as medical and law practices.

Organizers & Refillable Planners

Often include notepads, storage, and telephone/address sections.

Best for: Multitaskers, business travelers, salespeople

Desk Calendars & Pads

Keeps the day or month in sight. Plus, they offer space to jot down reminders and appointments while featuring soothing photography and inspirational quotes.

Best for: Managers, administrators, professionals

Wall Calendars

Show a month or more so multiple people can easily coordinate.

Best for: Long-term planning and big-picture thinkers

Erasable Planners

Are great for managers who track employee work and vacation schedules or project timelines and for educators who track student jobs and assignments.

Best for: Keeping track of project deadlines, production schedules, vacation or weekly schedules

Academic Calendars & Planners

Are formatted for a 13 and 14 month academic years and many double as assignment books.

Best for: Educators, coaches and school administrators

Other Features

  • Wire binding: allows your appointment book to lie flat
  • Tabbed sections: allows for easy access to the month or section you need
  • Reference calendars: see the month or quarter with one glance
  • Four-color photography: soothing visuals brighten your space and your day
  • Telephone/address section: keeps important contact information handy
  • Note-taking space: perfect for quick reminders and info
  • Fashionable colors/designs: get a calendar or planner that reflects your style

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