Things You Should Consider When Buying a New Sit-Stand Solution

Shopping for Sit-Stand Desks & Workstations

Sit-stand workstations are popular in modern workspaces, since they allow workers to either sit or stand during workhours. Standing at work can provide many health benefits, and as a result many workers want to switch over to sit-stand workstations. Before you buy one, there are several factors you should be aware of so you can purchase a model that complements your workstyle. If you are in the market for a sit-stand solution, be sure to consider the following things before you finalize any purchases.

What Products Are Available?

Dual Sit-Stand-Converter

Shopping for a sit-stand solution you can use at work is not as simple as one would think. There are many types of sit-stand products on the market, so it would be wise to look into the different models that are available to see which variant complements your workstyle the most.

Height-adjustable desks are the most common sit-stand products, and they allow you to freely change the height of your workstation at any time. Sit-stand adaptors can be built into your existing desk, allowing you to freely adjust the height of your monitor and keyboard. There are also desktop risers, which are cheaper devices that simply sit on your desk and elevate your keyboard and monitor, though the height is usually fixed.

The type of product you should purchase depends on what you need for your office, as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Consider Height Range & Space

Sit-Stand Height Adjustment

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for sit-stand solutions is height range. Sit-stand workstations have adjustable heights, so workers can make quick adjustments when they want to switch from sitting down to standing up. All these solutions have limits for how high or low they can be set, so you need to find a model with a range that suits your height. For example, if you are taller, you might need a solution with a wider range.

When shopping for a sit-stand desk, size is another factor to be aware of. Review the dimensions of the desk you are interested in buying, and check to see if it gives you plenty of space for your monitor and keyboard. You will be much more comfortable at your desk if you give yourself more space to work with.

Speed & Ease of Adjustment

Another factor to consider is the method of adjusting the height of a sit-stand workstation. Some models have cranks that you have to manually pull, while others have electronic lifts that adjust the height for you after you input the desired height. The easier it is for you to adjust the height, the better, so try to find a model with a lift built in.

In addition, you should check to see how quickly you can adjust the height of a workstation. The quicker you can adjust your desk’s height, the more inclined you will be to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. If it takes too long to adjust the height, you may feel obligated to stick to sitting or standing, instead of switching between them.

Check the Difficulty of Assembly


One other factor you should consider while shopping is the ease of assembly. Typically, the easier it is to set up a workstation or converter, the better. You can get back to work faster if you can quickly put the sit-stand solution together. Some solutions are easy to install, and do not require any additional tools during setup.

This will not always be the case, however, especially when the height of the workstation is adjusted electronically. It is good to determine how long the project will take to complete before you make the purchase That way, you can plan ahead for the day the item arrives at the office. Knowing how easy or difficult it is to assemble your workstation will save you a lot of time and frustration.

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